Saturday, May 07, 2011

Monthelie 1er cru Les Vignes Rondes 2007, Francois d'Allaines

Having previously had two wines by d'Allaines and found them mediocre, I wrote here that I wouldn't be bothering with this domaine in future. I managed to forget that when I was in the shop in Meursault, and kicked myself when I got back. Still, it was only about 18 euros so not the end of the world.

I had not 'fessed up to G beforehand, but when I eventually did, he of the wine aspergers memory said he had been perfectly aware of the situation! So we both had low expectations.

We decanted it for around half an hour. On the nose it was agreeable, with notes of summer pudding. G described it as pretty. Very '07. On the palate it was perfectly pleasant but G said it was not congruent with the nose, as it had more tannin than you'd expect. It stood up well to venison steaks. I found it hard to think of anything to write about it - it was just not very exciting. I see that's exactly what I said about their St-Aubin too! It went down easily enough but overall, still only a 7.

This time, I really will try to remember not to bother buying any of their stuff in future!

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