Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beaune 1er cru Les Aigrots 2005, Domaine de Montille

We had this white Beaune a couple of weeks ago, which came from the Wine Society. Expectations were high as this is a domaine we have liked in the past, with their trademark low alcohol levels (this was 12.5%) and purity, and of course Hubert de Montille's star appearance in Bottle Shock! (joke, it was actually Mondovino).

We didn't decant it but I think maybe we should have done, as we felt it improved as time went on. It had a very pale colour and looked like a Chablis. On the nose, it was serious and austere, not a big fat chardonnay monster. And on the palate, similar - precise, well-balanced and with a lot of "grip".

We tried hard to think what it reminded us of - it wasn't like a Puligny or a Meursault. I thought there was some resemblance to a Raveneau Chablis and G agreed that the precision was similar, but it wasn't flinty. We also thought it was a bit like a mini Corton. We haven't drunk all that much white Beaune, but the Aigrots vineyard is next to Clos des Mouches which is the one we have had a couple of times, and liked a lot.

This was a wine that demanded to be taken seriously and G described it as cerebral, which was spot on. It went very well with our wild Alaskan salmon (no factory farmed fish for me) and we gave it a 9. In fact G gave it a 9.2 but we don't recognise decimal places.

I hadn't checked beforehand how much it cost, but our feeling was that it was £35 booze. Afterwards I had a look at the trusty premier cru spreadsheet and saw that it was £33, but the WS don't seem to have it any more, which is a shame. I continue to rate this domaine highly.

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