Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brown Beauty sherry

On Wednesday night G and I had both had rather trying days at work, so I popped downstairs with my trusty bottle of Lamb's Navy Rum (arrr), but it turned out that he had something rather more exciting in mind, as he produced this extraordinary little quarter-bottle of old sherry which could well be pre-war. I couldn't possibly divulge where it came from but it cost around £15 which seems an absolute bargain for something so old and obscure.

I was greatly amused by the dreadful label, and the bit in grey where it says "A Velvet-Nosed Thoroughbred". The sherry itself was brown as promised, and only slightly murky, with a sediment which G told me is called "bees-wing" or something like that, i.e. fragile little flakes, rather than gunge.

It was medium-sweet, presumably an oloroso, and very smooth, and went down an absolute treat. G thinks it would have died after half an hour as old sherry goes downhill very quickly, but it didn't get the chance as we guzzled it pretty damned quick. One for the bottle collection, I think.

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