Friday, September 20, 2013

Domaine Jean-Claude Rateau, Monday 9th Sept

By now we were a few minutes en retard and Alain le taxi whisked us from Vosne to Beaune, to our third and final appointment of the day, at Domaine Jean-Claude Rateau. ACC called him en route to let him know we were running late and he was very nice about it.

He took us down into his cellar which was relatively big and empty - perhaps only one fifth of the space was being used. It appears that he doesn't make as much wine now as in the past. The domaine is biodynamic and G and I first came across it when G found a white Beaune Coucherias 2008 in Monoprix last year - I wrote about it here. Now there seems a good possibility that the Burgundy Portfolio may start selling some of these wines in the UK - great!

We tasted 10 wines, and my favourites were the white Beaune Coucherias, the Bourgogne Rouge and the red Beaune 1er cru les Bressandes which was the biggest of the Beaunes we tried. It was very interesting to try the Coucherias 2011 in bottle which showed us what the 2012 would begin to look like in a year's time when the different components had begun to knit together, and the Bressandes 2009 which was top notch - it had a beautiful perfume on the nose, elegance and complexity. Sniffing it, I felt as if I'd died and gone to heaven. Given what a great vintage 2012 is shaping up to be, it all bodes very well. Thank you very much to Jean-Claude for showing us these wonderful wines.

Afterwards, we walked past the vineyards back into Beaune. Consulting the map in Coates, I'm pretty sure this is Les Teurons.

It had been an amazing day, with loads of two of my favourite appellations, so I drew an infographic to celebrate. Hi-tech!

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