Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru "Clos St Jean" 1983, Domaine Ramonet

Last Sunday G and I felt the need for something decent to accompany our dinner, and he brought up this Chassagne which had been lurking in his flat completely forgotten about, by me at any rate. This was my penultimate bottle. I can't believe I haven't blogged about it before, so this shocking state of affairs must be corrected immediately.

I'm a huge fan of red Chassagne and of Ramonet, so when this appeared in an auction catalogue, I jumped at the chance. I suppose there was some risk involved (murmurs of "provenance" can be heard wafting up from SW2) but on this occasion I got lucky and got 5 bottles for a fraction of what they're worth, if you could get them on the open market which it appears you can't.

What's remarkable is how well this wine has aged. It certainly looked old, and in the glass could best be described as mahogany, but in the decanter with a lit candle on the other side, it glowed a beautiful ruby colour, an effect I tried to capture with my camera, with a little assistance from G. Having checked previous posts, I see I was equally thrilled with the appearance of the 2007 red Chassagne that ACC shared with us last year.

A levitating decanter full of delicious Chassagne

On the nose I found it quite sweet with stewed red berries, while G detected a hint of the farmyard. It was a glorious nose which led created expectations, and it delivered! It was clearly made from ripe fruit and was rich but also earthy and with a certain savoury quality on the finish too. The tannins had softened and the fruit had faded but what was left was full of charm and elegance. G did actually use the word "transcendental" in a bid for a place in Pseud's Corner. All in all, tres Chassagne. It was hard to imagine a wine in this style tasting any better than this, so it was a very clear 10. It even worked with tuna fishcakes (although it was better with cheese).

One bottle left. I really hope it's not a duffer!

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