Sunday, January 30, 2011

Santenay 1er cru Clos de Tavannes 2007

The other night G and I had this bottle of Santenay 1er cru Clos de Tavanne 2007 from Domaine Capuano-Ferreri & Fils. I got it from a shop in Santenay when we were there a few weeks ago, for the princely sum of either 16 or 18 euros (didn't get a receipt) - either way, not much. As you would expect, the shop had a lot of Santenays and other Côte Chalonnaise wines and I'd like to go back some time, although the girl behind the counter seemed rather taken aback when we walked in and one got the impression she had never had a customer before, let alone three at once, and was deeply suspicious about our intentions.

I see that the premier cru project record-keeping has not been as good as it should have been as we have actually had Clos de Tavanne before, the 2005 from Nicolas Potel. However, we didn't know that the other night so had no preconceptions.

We decanted it for 2 hours and it was a beautiful dark red. It had a sweet nose - G detected grapes while I got pear drops. On the palate, it was perfectly balanced, medium-weight and succulent. I wrote "Delicious!" It went down with no struggle at all, was drinking perfectly now and was only 13% alcohol. This domaine was not previously known to me, but they get a thumbs up for this one, and it was yet another reminder of how lovely the 2007 reds are at the moment. We gave it an 8, which given that it cost just 16 or 18 euros is a pretty good score.

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