Sunday, January 16, 2011

Domaine Latour-Labille, 6th Jan

On the Thursday we spent some time pottering round Beaune during the day (including our statutory visit to Mon Millesime) and then returned to Meursault for a tasting at Domaine Latour-Labille. This was the second time I had visited this domaine, and we were staying in their gite next door, which had a fantastic view of the vineyards. This picture is from their website, and shows the vineyards in the summer.

We started with the whites, which ascend in quality from bourgogne blanc right up to several premier crus - in this case we tasted les Poruzots, les Charmes and les Perrières. These are my kind of Meursaults, big and rich, yet well-balanced, with a lovely unctuous mouthfeel, and wonderful finish.

Then we tried two reds: the Meursault rouge 2007 and the Meursault 1er cru les Cras 2008. These are very unusual, as almost all Meursault is white. The village wine had lovely vibrant berries on the nose but I found it rather light for me on the palate. The 1er cru on the other hand (which is on the border with Volnay) was a significantly darker colour, had an amazing, heady nose, and concentrated blackcurrants on the palate. It was a remarkable wine and we all loved it, as did those who tried it on the previous occasion. Vincent told us that you could drink it with chocolate gateau, amongst other things, and I could well believe it!

Overall, this domaine is making some fantastic wines, and their premier crus are wonderful. They don't come cheap, but they're worth it.

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