Sunday, October 31, 2010

Savigny-les-Beaune 1er cru Les Vergelesses 2006, Nicolas Potel

On Monday evening I came home to find that G had left a note in my flat saying he was back early due, and had already opened a premier cru for dinner. Oh okay then, twist my arm...

By the time we began to drink it, it had been decanted for an hour and 45 minutes. On the nose I found it slightly dumb and if anything rather brooding. On the palate, however, it was very charming with black cherries and cocoa. It was well-balanced, relatively light and accomplished. I have written "not at all rustic" as Savigny isn't known for its poise and delicacy. It was drinking well now and had a very good finish. We gave it a 9.

I was in Burgundy during the 2006 vintage and saw at first hand how many of the pinot grapes were, for want of a more technical term, mouldy, so to produce this wine in that vintage is quite an achievement in my book. And at £21 it was reasonable value - for once the Wine Society was not a total rip-off. I note that Steven Spurrier in the current edition of Decanter says that he rates Potel. I shall be bearing all this in mind for future reference.

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