Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dinner at the Savile, 9th May

On Wednesday, it was over to the Savile Club yet again - oh, the suffering! This was a gathering arranged at short notice with the excuse that D was over in Blighty yet again, and the usual SPNS rules had been relaxed. Our instructions were to "bring a bottle of something interesting, ideally something that has been sitting on the rack looking at you mournfully for a while, waiting for an occasion that has never yet quite arisen."

Formal tasting notes weren't taken, so this will be a mostly photographic blog post...

I arrived to find everyone else guzzling fizz provided by G - this 2006 Champagne Corbon which was a blanc de blancs. I found it a little on the sharp side, one might almost say bracing. Apparently this is a characteristic of the vintage. Lively debate ensued as to whether it would improve with time. Personally I'm not convinced.

ACC had brought this intriguing Anjou Blanc which didn't have a vintage on it but was clearly very old. As usual, the Inverse Law of Wine Labels came into play - what a monstrosity! - and the wine itself was very interesting and aromatic.

Sadly P's red turned out to be massively corked and I can practically still smell the whiff of mouldy socks that circulated round the room when it was opened. But fortunately ACC had brought a reserve white which was wheeled out instead. This was a white from Domaine Manzone, not to be confused with Boyzone (sorry), made from the clairette grape. It was rich and one of those southern French whites which I think would be great served really cold on a really hot day, or might go well with fish and chips. One did wonder if one glass might be enough though.

My contribution was this 2004 Heitz Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon, which I bought from the booze shop in Pennsylvania on my first trip there in November last year. It had been sitting on the rack waiting for the right occasion so this seemed like a good chance to drink it. I was very happy with it - it was very smooth and polished with that classic hint of mint, or even eucalyptus according to D. It's going to be tempting to buy some more in due course now that trips to Pennsylvania are a happy fixture in my life...

This was my main course, a picanha steak. It was fantastic!

D had brought along this Coteaux de L'Aubance 1996 from Bablut, which was from the Loire. I've never heard of this appellation before but it was a very impressive dessert wine with great balance and an amazing finish - we're talking minutes.

Finally, a bottle of Chateau Musar 2006 was provided by P to go with the savoury, which was very enjoyable as usual. All in all, it was a really fun evening and it was nice to try some unusual wines. Thanks everyone!

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