Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lunch at Le Bouchon, Meursault, 29th October

After a hectic morning, we were ready for a spot of lunch and were duly transported from the Cote de Nuits to the Cote de Beaune, for lunch at Le Bouchon. I'm not sure why my go-to phrase for this place is "bungalow chic" as it's not actually a bungalow, but there's something about the interior - it's relatively plain and unpretentious.

Unattended mystery bag!

We had the menu du jour for the princely sum of 13.50 euros. First course was self-service from the buffet. This included a quiche lorraine which was cut into slices so big that just one of them would probably have counted as lunch back home but here it was just part of the starter.

The main was some slow-cooked thing with souffle potatoes, and pudding was pears in cassis jelly, if memory serves (I failed to take photos as this isn't really that sort of place). We also had a pot of Bourgogne Blanc from JanotsBos which hit the spot, and subsequently found it for sale in one of the wine shops on the main street.

We had some time to kill before the taxi turned up, so there followed a certain amount of wandering around Meursault.

Grand-mere present and correct

Julien le taxi had a prior engagement that afternoon so left us in the trusty hands of his colleague, Monsieur Parize. We'd actually been in his taxi two years ago, an occasion which had achieved legendary status for reasons which I won't go into here, but which had left a very favourable impression. We clambered into his people carrier. Next stop: Santenay.

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