Saturday, February 21, 2015

A couple of recent dinners

Brief notes from a couple of recent dinners...

Two weeks ago I was invited round to ACC's for a lovely evening with Baron McG also present.

After a particularly exciting bus journey, I was in need of some liquid refreshment and this Rully 2012 from Pascal Clement really hit the spot. It's classy yet good value white burgundy and although young it seems to be drinking already.

Then it was on to a Pommard-off, along with an excellent game pie made by ACC.

In the red corner, a Pommard Chanlains 2010 from Vincent Perrin.

In the blue corner, a Pommard 1er cru L'Argillieres 2008 from La Maison Romane made by Oronce de Beler.

It was clearly not a fair contest as the Maison Romane wine was a premier cru and two years older. The Perrin Pommard stood up well, and was more typique, although it's still a very elegant style of Pommard, which is a good thing in my book. I have a case of this vintage in my cellar and am looking forward to drinking it, but probably in a couple of years.

The Maison Romane was quite extraordinary, much paler in colour, with a vibrant nose of wild strawberries. There's no way I would have guessed it was Pommard, but I loved it and had to rush out and buy a bottle (from the Burgundy Portfolio) - it's not exactly everyday drinking but will be a treat for a special occasion.

We finished off with this unusual liqueur which ACC had brought back from Paris, made from cherry kernels. It was very sweet and reminiscent of Amaretto. Dangerously drinkable. Thanks ACC for a great evening!

Then, on Monday night P, came round to my place for a "kitchen supper" provided by G. To open the batting, we had this rare amontillado from Lustau. This was serious stuff. We've had a sherry drought lately but this rekindled my passion for good sherry. It was bone dry and an excellent aperitif, although I think it might also go well with cheese if we ever see it again.

Then it was on to the first of the two wines which P kindly brought from his Lincolnshire cellarette, this Clos du Marquis 1993. I am told that this is made by the people who make Chateau Leoville las Cases. It was dark and glossy and looked really good, while on the palate it was mature, smooth, and elegant and still going very well. "Luncheon claret!" proclaimed G and I agreed with him. At 12.5% this wasn't going to give us all a nasty hangover the next day.

With the cheese course we had a Prado Enea Rioja from 1991. I'm not a great expert on Rioja but for me it had that classic oaky thing going on, was mature, with well-integrated tannins and again went down well. We thought it had another 5-10 years in it, but also that it was a good wine to share between several people.

Finally, this sweet wine appeared, a 2012 vin de liqueur. It smelled of rose Turkish Delight and was congruent on the palate. It was certainly unusual but complemented our lemon tart brilliantly. Thanks P for sharing these with us!

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