Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bourgogne Rouge from Perrin and Roulot

A quick post today to keep things ticking over. Recently G and I have mostly been drinking things which I've already written about, so there hasn't been a lot to say. However, this week we had two bourgognes which were both blogtastic.

I was able to get my case of this 2009 from Vincent Perrin out of storage, and was looking forward to trying it. I've tasted his bourgogne rouge at the domaine on several occasions and have always liked it but considered it quite light, so was interested to find out what it would be like 4 years on. It was dark, glossy and inviting-looking, with almost a heady nose. On the palate we found it elegant and succulent, and it had a great finish. It was bigger than I was expecting and seemed to have filled out over time, in a good way. We thought it was exceptional for a BR. I had a sneaky second bottle on Thursday/Friday and it occurred to me that it reminded me quite a lot of Emmanuel Giboulot's Terres Burgondes - praise indeed.

The second BR we drank was this 2008 from Domaine Roulot. If memory serves, this came from ACC's private collection and I'm delighted to be in possession of one more bottle which will be saved for a special occasion. Back in 2011 we had some 1999 Bourgogne Rouge from Roulot which I wrote about here. The label has changed since then and become even classier - it's one of the most stylish I've ever seen. Fortunately the Inverse Law doesn't apply in this case, as it was absolutely amazing. It had the most seductive nose, black cherries and plums on the palate, and was very soft with "resolved tannins" (G's phrase). Just delicious. We thought it if had been a premier cru, it would have scored a 9.

The moral of the story seems to be that it's all about the producer, and in the right hands even a humble bourgogne can be exceptional.

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