Saturday, March 02, 2013

A trio of marcs

In the midnight hour, she cried "Marc, marc, marc"....

Now that it's Marc-h (groan), I can crack on and post about the wonderful marcs G and I have been drinking since New Year.

We begin with this 1966 from Jean Michelot, which G bought from La Boutique Des Domaines in Beaune. I believe they had several other vintages too, but this one was the cheapest and although one day I'd love to be the kind of person who can compare the 1966 knowledgeably to the 1965, at this point we're not in that league. I woefully failed to make tasting notes on the contents but it was wonderful, if perhaps on the rustic side. The cork disintegrated in a promising kind of way, and I can note that it went down extremely quickly. Also, Michelot is based in Pommard, whereas the next two marcs were from the Cote de Nuits.

From the same shop, G also bought this marc from Domaine Dujac, one of the grander names of Burgundy based in Morey-St-Denis. It doesn't have a vintage but says "Hors d'Age". I had no idea what that meant until just now, but I gather it's a term from the Cognac scale meaning "beyond age" so presumably what it really means is: kinda old. I did make proper notes on this one, as we drank it here. It was a lovely dark amber colour with red tints. On the palate, it had a delicious heavy mouthfeel and I detected hazelnuts while G said you could tell it was Burgundy as it had red wine characteristics. The finish went on forever. It was more polished than the Michelot but I'm not sure that we actually liked it as much!

And finally, when the others had run out, and impatient for our latest Felettig order to arrive, I resorted to t'internet to see if I could find any marc available here in the UK. I came across this 1961 marc from Domaine Lamarche who are based in Vosne Romanee and are tres serieux. It immediately got points for the use of stand-out red capitals M and B on the label. My tasting notes are not the most legible, but I can make out "better than the Dujac", "great length, creaminess, very fine, venerable spirit" and "bonjour mon petit chouchou" which sums it up. I've just ordered another bottle.

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