Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Linie Aquavit

Apologies for the lack of posts lately - things have been manic. However, 2011 bodes well with some exciting Christmas and New Year drinking lined up and a trip to Burgundy in the first week of January!

Meanwhile, I had the good fortune to be Copenhagen at the weekend and managed to procure a bottle of Linie Aquavit at the airport. I have to admit they didn't make it easy. Initially I opted for the litre bottle which was on special offer. But at the checkout, the man told me I couldn't have this as I was travelling within the EU, so instead I had to have the smaller size.

After several minutes fuming with indignation, I decided I wanted the damned stuff so much that I went back and got the half litre bottle. This time, the man told me I wasn't allowed that either, but only the 70cl bottle. I hadn't even seen this size of bottle on the shelf but fortunately (he could probably see the smoke coming out of my ears at that point) he was kind enough to go and get it for me, so all was well. I'm still not sure what that was all about, and why the 50cl bottle was banned! Heigh ho.

Linie Aquavit is made in Norway and travels round the world on a ship to mature. It's therefore of interest to a madeira-lover as that is the method they used to use to mature madeira. I have just looked up the (exceedingly wanky) website to learn more and see that it's made from potatoes - that could explain why it appeals so much to one of Irish ancestry - flavoured with aniseed and caraway. Apparently it's matured in sherry barrels.

The website has suggestions for a range of improbable-sounding cocktails (Linie Banana Dream - I don't think so) but G and I have been drinking it neat. It's a pale brown colour, 41.5% alcohol and has a clean, refreshing taste with a hint of fennel. It makes me feel as though I'm in Scandinavia again and apparently it goes well with smoked salmon - I may have to try that. Skål!

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