Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday lunch, 6th June

Last Sunday we went over to the Roti in South Kensington for lunch, an establishment which focuses, wisely in my view, on roast chicken. It's under new ownership but I was pleased to see that the fundamentals remained the same - in particular the fact that they do a great deal on corkage.

We were celebrating G's birthday so ACC brought along a couple of fine bottles and G brought along a couple he'd found in Paris. I didn't bring anything but I did pick up the bill.

First up was a bottle of white Cote de Beaune, La Grande Chatelaine 2006 from Giboulot. G got this in Paris and was understandably excited, as Gibbers is top notch booze. I've had the privilege to visit the domaine in Beaune, with ACC and it was one of the best tastings I've been to. He's passionate about his wines, which are biodynamic and made in tiny quantities - there's a sense that they're his babies (similar to Anne Parent) and they have an incredible purity to them. We've only been put off because they're relatively expensive, which is understandable, and being biodynamic you need to decant at least an hour before drinking which is somewhat inconvenient if you come home in need of something NOW after a hard day at the office. But I'm getting to the stage now where I'd rather splash out on something wonderful than have more of something pedestrian.

G's second bottle was a red Santenay from Jean-Claude Belland, Clos des Gravieres 1er cru 2003. ACC told us that Berrys used to sell Belland's stuff, so the fact that G got this in Monoprix did not count against it. It was impressive for a Santenay - not a highly regarded appellation - and a reminder to self that I like the 2003s now (I didn't like them at first but am prepared to admit I was wrong)!

ACC then produced the 2007 Ladoix from Domaine Parent. I was favourably impressed - I liked the jammy fruit - and could be tempted to get some of this in due course.

Finally, ACC wheeled out this Bonnezaux which is a sweet wine from the Loire from Domaine des Gagneries, 1999. He told us that he got this at a very favourable price some years ago and we were privileged to drink the last bottle. Smashing stuff, with good acidity. We didn't have pudding in the end (despite the attractive menu) and it didn't matter as this wine was fine by itself. We agreed that it was a better lunchtime wine than a Sauternes would have been. I haven't had much Bonnezaux but this was a reminder that it's a style I find very appealing.

After this we wandered down the road to the gelateria and then made our way to Carluccios for a digestif (grappa for G, Frangelico for me, and a dodgy Italian brandy for ACC). An great end to an excellent lunch!

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